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A Grave Choice | The Short Story

I have set out to create high quality, affordable, and customizable Halloween or Memorial Gravestone.  This Idea came to me years ago and I have been developing the manufacturing process ever since. I'm an electrical engineer by trade but have always had a passion for horror, macabre and Halloween. This is my first step into what I hope will be an ever expanding and entertaining product line.


​Product description:

Made from dense polystyrene foam board and coated in a durable stone-like finish that will last for years. Includes a durable metal yard stake in lieu of the typical plastic stakes that come with store-bought Halloween gravestones. The metal yard stake inserts into a plastic sleeve embedded in the tombstone, this eliminates the typical tear-out damage caused by ordinary Halloween tombstone stakes. These gravestones are fully customizable with date, epitaph or clever saying, you have 5 lines and 14 characters per line; additionally, choose from 25 unique symbols to add a personal touch.

A Grave Choice is a Tsc Enterprises company

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